About Us


Municipal Construction Officials Association of New Jersey (MUNCO) was established in 1998 by a small group of municipal construction officials who recognized the need for an ambient whereby local enforcing agency administrators could convene to exchange information among their peers. The founders envisioned state-wide membership by individuals whose primary responsibility is the administration of the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code at the municipal level. MUNCO has grown steadily and is currently comprised of more than100 construction officials.


MUNCO’s purpose is to provide an informal forum whereby interested members can openly exchange their experience with their colleagues in an effort to enhance their professional development. The present membership comprises, both, new and veteran Construction Officials who have demonstrated-interest in the improvement of their profession, and self-professional development, by exchanging experiences and ideas relating to their everyday jobs.

MUNCO encourages its members to take action and offer opinions severally. In certain cases, MUNCO’s by-laws permit unified membership support by developing an agreed upon statement.

MUNCO members are not restricted as to their membership in any other association.

MUNCO will not compete with any professional association of construction code officials because it recognizes the need for the professional and technical advancement of individuals not otherwise charged with the managerial level of responsibility required of the local enforcing agency’s construction official.

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